It’s Time...

The need is clear. The current natural grass field at Westlake High School is in poor condition and has been a challenge to maintain in our Northeastern Ohio climate for years. The existing natural grass field does not respond well to normal usage or wet conditions. As a result, the utilization of the field is limited to only 40 days per year and requires constant maintenance.

The recently formed Westlake Athletic Development Foundation (Westlake ADF) seeks to raise the funds necessary to replace the current natural grass field with a synthetic turf field, which enables continuous daily usage throughout the entire year.

Click here to read about the progress of the Westlake ADF Turf Project in a recent article.

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Westlake quarterback playing in muddy conditionsThe Westlake ADF’s goal is to raise the funds necessary in tax-deductible contributions from area businesses, community leaders and residents to install a new turf field and stadium improvements at Westlake High School. The new turf field will support our school’s physical education and developmental curricular classes, band and cheerleading programs and performances, and a host of athletic activities for our Westlake Schools and community organizations.

A muddy Westlake High football game.

The existing sports field at Westlake High School is in poor shape due to the weather conditions in our area. The muddy field leads to limited utilization and possible cancellation of events. A synthetic turf field is easily maintained, drains quickly, and increases usage.